Veritas Lucis

From the Megacity to a Galaxy Far Far Away…

Veritas Lucis was a heavy RP faction on the Syntax server in the MMORPG »The Matrix Online« (MxO). The MxO servers were shut down in summer 2009 and this website and its forum remains as an archive of the many stories and the great time we had during the four years in MxO. Veritas Lucis has since been reformed as a social RP guild on the Progenitor server of Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR). You will find the SWTOR-incarnation of VL at — a warm welcome to all who have played MxO with us!


Welcome, redpill, to the network hub of the Veritas Lucis faction. We invite you to browse this public data node. Please feel free to inform yourself about our past and our future, find out who we are and what we have to offer. We might have some of the answers you seek.

Wed, Aug 29th Incoming Transmission
[Zampano] -.-..--....--..........----.---... -....-...--.... -..... -...-.-.-.-.-..-.. ...-.--.-- .....-.- --. -.------..-- ..-.---.-. -..--. .....-... .--..-.-....-.. ---.-- .........-...-...-.-.- .-...--.-......-.. ------- ......--.....--..-- .--.-.. .--....--.-..----..-.. ---- .-..-...-....-.-.- .....-.- --. .--......-.. ...-...-....-.....----.... .--...-.........-

Thu, Jul 19th Security Level : Yellow Status
[Zampano] "The Truce is over" - The message came through the comms. Is this the end to all we aspired to? Does the end of truce exclude any possibility of peace? I do not know. But we do what we must to protect all we have done, all that may come in the future. Let us hope, that Man does not make the same mistake once more

Mon, Sep 4th A Sign of Light
[Zampano] Few have seen the clear skies above the clouds.
Few have seen the beauty of the stars and sun.
Yet an old acquaintance from Zion has achieved it.
Perhaps this heralds a new era of co-operation between Zion and Machinist
Perhaps not, but we cannot ignore the possibility

Mon, Jul 24th Beneath the Ice
[Leelia] Do we have a trace? I knew there were answers out there - the ruins of the old world whisper in the wind, it only takes someone to listen closely. For decades, centuries even, no one was able to explore the Real thoroughly and now, after one year, we might have found our first real clue.

Wed, May 24th Of Atonement and Redemption
[Leelia] I believe you will never know for certain whether or not a person tricks you. Even with the smartest countermeasures to avoid running headlong into a deadly trap, a risk remains. You can't eliminate it, but you can minimize the possible damage done. Nonetheless, it's a trust thing... Everyone deserves a second chance, maybe even a third or a fourth. After all, that's what many of us machinists work for: to give humanity another chance, to show our machine brethren our good will and that there are humans that are serious about a peace. I know that's what the Veritas Lucis stands for - a common future. And if someone is truly willing to join our cause, I am happy to welcome him or her. Even if she has commited crimes that can never be undone. Sins can be atoned, the sinner can be redeemed.

Fri, May 12th Red Pill Influx
[Leelia] I don't know if it is the effort of the E Pluribus Neo mass extractions, but the simulation is full of freshly extracted people. It's interesting to see how they attune to the new situation, how selfassure they are with their new awakened powers and how much they are susceptible to the lies of both the cypherites and the neonites. It's mandatory to undeceive what lies they've been told. Working with machines, we know all too well that this kind of mass extraction can't be good for the system, but it has happened. We have to deal with the facts now, our presence and our guidance is needed more than ever.

Wed, May 3rd The new Veritas Lucis network
[Leelia] After our hardware upgrades in Zero One we are running an improved communication server suite on our faction's mainframe. It resides on the HvCFT Onesimus. The network connection during times of traveling is kept alive through a low-bandwidth carrier signal which enables a matrix down link sufficient for data broadcasts. All standard communication is encrypted with the faction's current cypher keys.