The HvCFT Onesimus is a relatively small craft and with its 27 years of age amongst the oldest hovercrafts still in service.


The HvCFT Baltasar began its life in Zion and was assigned to Captain Plectrum of the Zionite Eternity faction. Before long, the ship found a new home with Coma Solaris, a descendant of Oriens Veritas and predecessor to Veritas Lucis.


The HvCFT Devastator was primarily designed to do one thing well: being a Hunter/Seeker, a form of attack Hovercraft. Its mission is simple, to protect the Veritas Lucis in any form or way. It forms the security, the Insurance for this faction. The only goal of the crew is the well being of their friends, their family.


The HvCFT Spirit Of Ra is one of the ships who already carried the the Oriens Veritas banner.


The HvCFT Crystalis has been added to the fleet at the end of May.